Pet Wellness Exams

Preventative care is a vital aspect of maintaining your pet’s health. Proper vaccination is essential when it comes to protecting them against harmful diseases.

dog in exam room
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Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccinations serve as a preventative measure in combating viral diseases such as Rabies, Parvovirus, Distemper, Feline Leukemia Virus, and Panleukopenia.

Vaccines should be started when pets are 6-8 weeks old because they are at a high risk of catching these viruses due to their immature immune system. Vaccines should be boosted throughout their life. Our veterinarians will help determine the appropriate vaccination plan for your pet, depending on age and vaccination history.

Pet Preventatives

Heartworm disease, flea infestation, and intestinal parasites can all damage your pet’s health. Preventative measures should be taken year-round to help stop your pet from being affected.

Heartworms are transmitted when an infected mosquito bites your pet. Heartworms are parasites that live in the heart and its surrounding blood vessels. Unrecognized and untreated heartworm infections can be fatal.

Fleas are small, brown, fast-moving insects that live on your pet’s fur. Some animals are allergic to the saliva of fleas, and flea bites can cause severe skin irritation. If ingested while grooming, fleas can transmit an intestinal parasite known as the tapeworm to your pet.

Your pet should be tested yearly for heartworm disease, even if they are on a preventative. This ensures that if you purchase the product from the clinic and give it as directed, the manufacturing company will pay for heartworm treatment for your pet if the product fails.

We offer your pet a wide range of products to help combat these issues. We offer oral, topical, and injectable products to prevent heartworm disease in dogs. To prevent flea infestation, we offer topical and oral products. Most heartworm products that we offer include intestinal parasite dewormers in them. Your pet should be started on the products as soon as possible and stay on them for their entire life to help maintain your pet’s health.